Honey Bee - Made to Last

Honey Bee Dust Bag

Made to Last

Follow our suggestions below to ensure that you are taking the best care of your Honey Bee bags. Our wish is for your bags to continue to remain in prestine condition wherever you take them. A fashion accessory that can truly stand the test of time.

Dust Bag

Rest is important, even for accessories. After using them, we recommend putting them away in their dust bag, away from sunlight and heat sources. If your product will stay in the closet for a while, open the clasps and buckles to keep marks from forming on the leather.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Take good care of your accessory. Avoid exposing it to sunlight, even in the car. Leather is easily ruined and changes color if it is exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. Take care to keep it in the shade as often as possible, and it won’t have the chance to get ruined

Keep Clean

Leather is a delicate material. You need to clean it regularly and delicately. If your accessory becomes dirty, remove dust and surface dirt with a cloth. Then massage the leather with a cotton pad dampened with neutral cream.


A leather accessory needs hydration. Simply wipe the surface with a cloth that’s been dipped in neutral wax to maintain the leather’s softness and shine. You can also use a cotton pad dampened with neutral cream: the leather will be nourished, and your purchase will be good as new.